Monday, 5 March 2012

Super Tuesday drinking game!

So it’s Super Tuesday time! Hope everyone’s ready for a wild night of GOP watching! These are just a few ideas for drinking game rules to get you to a state of inebriation where you can forget the horrendous fact that these people are actually running to become the most powerful person in the world…

"American values” are mentioned = one finger
Reagan is mentioned = one finger
A member of the public explains their reasons for supporting a candidate = one finger

God is mentioned = two fingers
CNN makes something rather unexceptional sound unnecessarily epic = two fingers
Santorum makes a bitchy comment about Romney = two fingers

Newt makes a bitchy comment about Romney = three fingers
Someone awkwardly mentions Ron Paul’s lack of actual victories = three fingers
The generalised concept of “The American People” is invoked = three fingers

CNN uses an overly and needlessly complex piece of technology = take a shot
Exit polls prove an inaccurate indication of the result = take a shot

Newt starts telling an anecdote = down your drink
Romney wins a state = down your drink

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