Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Leveson: The Musical

I can't be the only one thinking that the grand finale of the Leveson Inquiry would have been better if it had featured jazz hands?

A little number for the witnesses (well, some of them), to the tune of the list of colours in Joseph's Coat from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

It was Brooks and Murdoch and Grant and Hunt 
And Coulson and Blair and Cameron and Piers 
And Riddell and Johnson and Watson and Marr 
And Mohan and Yates and Rowling and Gove 
And Clarke and Campbell and Osborne and Ed 
And Harman and Salmond and Prescott and Clarke 
And Coogan and Black and Hughes and Gordon 
And Snow and Hardgreaves and Crone and Straw
And Barber and Clegg and Boulton and Leigh
And Thomas and Hislop and Harding and Cave
And Major and Bowe and Mandelson and Crown 
And Wright and Blackhurt and Turner and Fox 
And Paxman and Diamond and Morgan and Grade
And Brady and Wright and Quick and James 
And Jay!

And of course a number for Leveson and Jay, to the tune of the Muppet theme song:

It’s time to fine the papers,
It’s time to jail some hacks,
It’s time to tell the journos they’re not getting any slack.

It’s time for us to publish;
It’s time for our report;
It’s time to raise the curtain on the answers we have sought.

Why did we need to do this?
Our press was being bad;
Corruption and phone hacking 
Which made the public mad.

So we ran an inquiry 
Witnesses from far and wide
To testify before us

On the most sensational
This is what we call The Leveson Show!

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