Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My motion to Labour Students National Conference 2013, on democratically electing the Chair of Steering.

Labour Students notes:
- Currently, the constitution states that the Chair of Steering will be nominated by and from among the democratically elected three members of the steering committee.
- The constitution is unclear as to how this decision should be made.
- Although the Chair of Steering does not have voting rights on the committee, they none the less perform a very important function, requiring an in depth understanding of democratic process. They are also a very high profile position, as they chair debates at democratic events.

Labour Students believes:
The current process is unclear and confusing, especially for those on the steering committee who are required to make the decision as to who the Chair of Steering should be.
- The current process is not transparent, and means that the Chair of Steering is not directly accountable to Labour Students members.
- All positions on the Labour Students national committee, whether or not they have voting right, should be elected in a way that is clear, open and transparent.

Labour Students resolves:
- That the Chair of Steering should be directly elected by the Labour Students membership at Labour Students National Conference.
- That a steering committee of three should still be elected at council, and the Chair of Steering be elected from among them.
- A person may still stand for steering committee but then choose not to put themselves forward to be Chair of Steering.
- When standing for steering committee, candidates should declare their interests in running to be Chair of Steering to ensure transparency.
- The Chair of Steering should be elected by club delegates, until such point as One Member One Vote is introduced, and then they should be elected by One Member One Vote.

(motion was passed and will go to National Council, where if passed a second time it will become constitutional)

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