Thursday, 20 June 2013

London Labour Regional Board meeting 03/06/13 report

  • Following up from a discussion in our previous regional board meeting, we discussed working on a crib sheet specifically discussing how to deal with UKIP and how to talk about UKIP on the doorstep with voters who are thinking of voting for them.
  • This was followed with a discussion of a small working group around the changes to the NHS, including Fiona Twycross and NPF reps, working on a 10 point action plan for Labour’s heath policy in London, as well as campaigning ideas such as a card for the NHS’s birthday on the 5th July, to be circulated to all CLPs.
  • Len Duvall noted the hard work done by loads of regional board members on Parliamentary and council selections across London.
  • We discussed the need for greater feedback for candidates who do not get selected in both parliamentary and council selections.
  • I highlighted the importance of procedures secretaries and NEC reps from the regional board that monitor their work; we need to be aware of the amount of power we invest in them, especially when it comes to how well candidates are guided through the process.
  • Alan Olive discussed London Labour’s goal to have a Labour councillor in every borough after 2014, and the subsequent need to build home grown campaigning machines, as everyone should be campaigning in their own borough rather than going elsewhere.
  • Len Duvall brought up the importance of Young Labour activists in London targeting the areas which most needed their help, and I responded that we were very happy to work with region to ensure this happens. I additionally discussed how we can work with CLPs, and CLP youth officers, to integrate young people into their local parties and get them campaigning in their local areas.
  • We discussed the relationship between the Euro elections and the local elections, and the need to have a European narrative for the local elections.
  • Sadiq Khan and Gareth Thomas, Shadow Minister and Deputy Shadow Minister for London, attended the meeting. We discussed the most prominent issues to Londoners (cost of living and the NHS), why we should have a regional board representative at the London summit, the plan to develop clear, crisp policies for MEP candidates and to do a lot of work on messaging for those elections.The tone of the discussion with Sadiq and Gareth was frank, honest and open, and speaks of the work Ed Miliband and his team have done to develop a better relationship between the regional board and ministers, as well as MEPs.
  • Finally, we talked about how to have a London wide manifesto for 2014, which broadly outlines Labour’s vision for London, while allowing boroughs to be flexible in what they do in their own areas.

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